My Books

Winterglass & Thorne

A fantasy mystery/heist series set in an alternate 1920s world of fae and humans

Reading order: Each book contains a standalone mystery and heist/caper, so you could read them out of order, but if you want to get the most out of the slow burn romance, plot twists, etc, you probably want to start with Book 1 (The Dead Dragon Job).

Content warning: strong language, moderate violence, gender & species discrimination (but queer-normative), off-page suicide.

Night's Masque

An alternate history fantasy trilogy set in Shakespeare's England, featuring spies, actors, politics and intrigue!

Reading order: Start with Book 1 (The Alchemist of Souls)! Each book in this completed trilogy has a self-contained plot, but the later books won't make much sense unless you've read the first one :)

Content warning: strong language, moderate violence, mild smut, dubcon kissing, discrimination.