Looking for stories about thieves, spies and other ne'er-do-wells? Maybe you like your fantasy with a side-order of LGBTQ characters and a light sprinkle of romance? If so, you've come to the right place!


In January 2023 I will be publishing the first book in my new urban fantasy series, Winterglass & Thorne, with two sequels due out later the same year.

The Dead Dragon Job

When Lord Jesper Winterglass rides into town with a dead dragon in tow, he instantly becomes the hero of the hour. The fact that no dragon has been seen near the city in centuries, or that the gold and jewels in the creature’s hoard must presumably have belonged to someone else once upon a time, doesn’t seem to bother Ravensby’s citizens. Most of them, anyway.

Detective Inspector Freya Gitasdóttir has built her career on finding missing persons and lost valuables, and her investigations into the hoard’s original owners soon lead her to alleged jewel thief Lucian Thorne. But is he really a hardened criminal, or simply another victim of the arrogant, decadent Gentry who rule the kingdom of Alfheim?

Freya’s loyalties—and her magical talents—are stretched to the limit as she tries to find a middle way between the letter of the law and the dictates of her conscience. Because if she fails, the dragon isn’t the only one who’ll end up dead.

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