The final strait

As predicted, once I got past the midpoint of my story, I was able to romp through the next several chapters making light edits. Those have now gone off for beta-reading, leaving me to struggle with Plot Point Two, or “The Second Doorway” as James Scott Bell calls it in Plot and Structure. This is when the excrement has truly hit the rotating device and our heroes must pull together to overcome the villain’s dastardly plot.

On the one hand, the general outline of this revised version is much the same as the previous one; it’s just the details that have changed. Trouble is, the devil is in the details. A scene that made sense last time around might be totally out-of-place now that X hasn’t happened in quite the same way. Also, as I get better at controlling a large cast of characters and remembering what they all ought to be up to at any given moment, it gives me new ways for them to interact and new possibilities for complicating Act Three.

Finally I have the problem that my hero is immobilised at this point and effectively unable to act, so I need to move the story forward quickly through the eyes of the other characters without it seeming too implausibly convenient.

Hence it has taken me the best part of the week between Christmas and New Year to navigate my way through a mere two and a half chapters, even though I’ve obviously not been at work. Hopefully, once everything is set in motion, I can again rip through the action and finish these revisions in a timely manner. Admittedly I don’t have a formal deadline, but I’d like to have them done and dusted so I can start planning the sequel. It would be good to kick off the New Year as soon as possible with a shiny new project!