Rejections – they’re still not bad

Back in April I blogged about how nice it was to get a personalised rejection, and so far, my opinion hasn’t changed.

Today I got my first agent rejection, and I guess I ought to be down-hearted, but when it’s a positive personalised message rather than a form rejection, it’s hard to be totally discouraged.
In this case it was an agent I had met in person and who had asked to see the manuscript when it was finished. He’s from a big London agency and doesn’t specialise in SF&F so I was never very hopeful, but he did ask and so I sent it. His reply stated that owing to the recession he wasn’t looking for new clients at the moment, which I guess is their form response these days, but it was the additional sentence that made the difference:

“I did have a chance this weekend to read some of [TITLE] and it is highly accomplished – I do hope it brings you the luck you deserve.”

Agents and editors don’t usually say these things if they don’t mean them, for fear of encouraging nutters to pester them, so I’m taking this at face value and making the most of the positive.
Oh well – 1 down, 3 out there to go, and still some on my shortlist unqueried…

Postscript: I redacted the (working) title, as it wasn’t the one the book was eventually published under.