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Revising your novel

Printed draft and index cards
Prepping for revisions!

I've written an extensive article on how to revise a first draft in 10 "easy" steps. OK, so it's still hard work, but breaking it down into a series of logical steps makes the whole process a lot more manageable, like eating the proverbial elephant!

It covers:

  • Supplies needed
  • Issues to look for
  • How to create an outline
  • Why you need to fix the big problems before you polish your prose
  • and much more!
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Blog posts

Over the years I've posted many times about my writing process on my blog. Now, all writers are different, so what works for me might not work for you, but sometimes you just need a fresh perspective to get you going, especially when you're a beginner.

More articles are available in the Writing Tips section of my blog.

Other resources

Sarra Cannon

I came across Sarra Cannon's YouTube channel, Heartbreathings, in early 2019 and was instantly impressed by her professionalism and generosity. She has been in self-publishing for nearly a decade and sold a shedload of books, so you know she's speaking from hard-won experience.

She has posted lots of free advice and short courses for aspiring writers, most of which are applicable even if you're seeking traditional publication. Her particular strength is motivation and organisation—I've been using her HB90 system (a 90-day planner that you print and store in an A5 Filofax or similar) for several months now, and find it really helpful for keeping on track.

In August 2019 I took her Publish & Thrive online course, which is aimed at writers who want to self-publish, but has a lot of material that's just as relevant to commercially published authors: promoting your work, managing your finances, and so on. This was a trial run of the course and it's closed at the moment as Sarra has just had a baby, but as soon as she opens it again, you can bet I'll be linking to it here!