Book One – done and dusted

On the last day of January 2011 I made my final edits to my manuscript, ran a spellcheck over the whole thing (teaching my computer some rude Elizabethan words in the process!), and exported it from Scrivener to create a final draft. After that it was simply a matter of composing a couple of emails and hitting the ‘Send’ button.

I’d be lying if I said that last step wasn’t scary. My finger hovered over the trackpad button for several seconds before I summoned the courage to do it. But I had to admit to myself that I was just delaying the inevitable, and that any changes I went back and made would be tinkering, not fixing.

So, my book is out there, waiting to be read by agent and publisher. I expect it will be a few weeks before I get a reply, so I’m throwing myself into my next project to take my mind off the wait. I’ve closed down the Scrivener project file and word-count spreadsheet for Book One, effectively shutting the door on that manuscript until I have a need to work on it further. I don’t quite have the post-partum blues that some writers report – after all, I’m about to embark on another set of adventurers with Mal, Coby and friends – but it does feel odd to put aside the work that’s obsessed me for the past four-and-a-half years.

Time to move on…