Another request for the full ms

Woke up in the night to some great news – the agent who requested a partial wants to see more!

Of course he wants to wait until I’ve finished the current round of revisions, but he was really encouraging in his comments, and it sounds like he’s already thinking about where he might place it, which I take as a very positive sign. As with my other request for full, he’s also interested in the sequel potential – trilogies, series and multi-book deals are very much the norm in fantasy at the moment.

I have to say this is all starting to feel a little unreal. It’s every writer’s dream to finish a novel and have it immediately snapped up. And whilst that hasn’t happened yet, to have a top agent and a high-profile publisher both requesting the full ms within three months of beginning the submission process is practically miraculous. I am by no means religious, but I can’t help thinking of a Biblical quotation that I use in my book:

“Pride goeth before destruction, and a high mind before the fall.”*

So, time to rein in my ego a little, and get back to work!

* The Geneva Bible version – I’m a stickler for historical accuracy!